My last few days

This is how I spent my last week in England. It was a really upsetting week because I had to say goodbye to all my loved ones. 😯

But there was also something exciting going on; the arrival of my parents. They came down from London this Tuesday and met me in a park. We went to 24, Elizabeth Way together and my parents met my other parents. 👪

My two sets of parents got along great which I was really glad about. My parents and I spent Wednesday in Canterbury, where we went on a rowing boat tour on the river Stour. That was beautiful! We also visited Dane John Gardens with its good view and saw the whole of Canterbury from above. 😀

Mum, me, dad in front of the Cathedral. 🏡

In the evening, we went down to the seafront to have a walk around and enjoy the sunset. It was stunning! 🌅

Wow! I loved it! 💜

Thursday was my final day to say goodbye to my closest friends while having our “Last Supper”. We had a great time but saying goodbye was so hard! I’ll miss these girls a lot. 😢

Some of my most favourite people in the world. 👑💎

At least I could cheer up by going to the beach with my host family and my parents. The water was quite warm and it seemed even warmer than the air. I felt like on holidays! 🌴

Dad, me, and Simmy enjoying the North Sea. 🐳

In the evening, we celebrated our stay with a Roast Dinner together with my host brother Ross and his wife Nicky. They are great fun and made the evening hilarious. We took a last family portrait with a Polaroid camera. It even has Ross and Nicky in the background at their wedding day. 😉

The next morning, it was already time to say goodbye. Simmy left the earliest at half past 6. Shortly afterwards, my parents and I had to leave as well. It was really upsetting and I promised to come back and visit John and Sheilagh.

We went to Gatwick Airport by coach and had to wait for our delayed flight. After having waited for several hours, we had to stay in a hotel overnight because the staff had worked for too many hours and needed a break. So we had to collect our suitcases again. 😤

We found everything except for my French horn. We even looked for it for an hour that night before having a nap and restarting the search in the morning. We went to Customer Service and asked several members of staff but no one seemed to be able to help us. Finally, one nice employee managed to get me down to the baggage claim area where they had stored my French horn as a lost good. 😁📯

I was soooo happy to have it back! 🎉

The flight itself was alright and the onward journey really easy in comparison. I was just totally knackered when we arrived home and slept long and tight in my own bed. 😪

What I came home to. ❤

This is my chance to thank everyone who supported me during this year and trusted me to manage a year abroad on my own, It has been an unforgettable experience that I would undoubtedly recommend to anyone. It made me grow so much and fill my backpack with a whole lot of great memories. 😀

Thank you all so much and I love you lots,

❤ Kat

a sunrise, a bbq and a swim

4 days left!!

The other day, I had my last ever photography lesson. It’s so sad that I already have to start saying goodbye to some classmates.  😢

Ben, me, and Lottie ❤

I decided to make the best of the seafront as long as I can, so I got up at 4.15am and jogged down to the pier. I took some great shots of the rising sun, had a coffee, and was back in my bed before anyone realised I was gone.😊

The sun shining through the lantern. 🌞

The following one is my favourite picture. I don’t know what it is with me and handstands, but I just prefer seeing the world upside down. 🔃


This was awesome!🌅

Saturday evening, Simmy and I threw a little goodbye party with some of our best friends. We had a barbecue in the garden and enjoyed the great weather. We had a great time and a good laugh. 🍔🍗

Vicky, Lauren, Fenja, me, Anna, Lara and king Ben. 👑

Simmy and I promised each other that we would go swimming again before leaving. Luckily, the weather was so beautiful on Sunday, that neither of us needed much convincing. We ran towards the sea without any hesitation. 👭

The Beach Girls. 🍹🌴


You might still wonder if we really dove in or if we just stopped an inch before. Or did we only dip our toes? This is the proof of our full body bath. It was actually much warmer than I expected. 😊

“Heeeelp” 😂

This is a hilarious, and slightly ashaming story: Simmy invited a friend to our party who had just had an operation. When my friend Lauren turned up, Sheilagh hugged her and wished her a good recovery. When Lauren told her that she was totally fit, Sheilagh said: “Why do you walk that weirdly then?” But that’s just how Lauren walks. 😂

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Love, Kat ❤

a glass floor and a garden in the sky

10 days left!!
In the past week, I had my final photography exam during ten hours. Those hours were luckily spread over two days 🙂 My piece was inspired by my childhood dream of inventing a machine to send food from Europe to Africa. I printed some photos of myself, took pictures of arranged objects and edited in some fruit. This is my final outcome:

I also edited some politicians’ heads to my body and added them to my final piece to show the political importance of my invention.

With that done, my last exam was over. Totally exhausted, I could only rest quickly and had to leave again for my last concert with my concert band. I played first French horn together with a brilliant player called Bob (thank God he played 1st). It was a beautiful concert and Paul, the conductor, took me to the front to give me a band t-shirt as a souvenir. That was sooo nice! I’ll miss this band.

Paul even remembered that I was Swiss, not Swedish. 😁

On Sunday, I met up with my girls in Hythe, close to Folkestone. Hythe has got a really wide beach and that is where we had a picnic. Afterwards, we went rowing on a little river which was so pretty! ❤ Anna insisted on rowing for an hour straight and I did not complain about that. 😁

Anna giving her best. 💪

I really did a lot in the past few days. I went on a  trip to London with my friends and my sister. We first started our tour on the Tower Bridge , where we could walk over the pathway up high between the two towers. The best thing about it was the glass floor and the mirrored ceiling. So we could see the river Thames in all directions! 🌊

Lara, Vicky, me, Simmy and Anna unafraid of the height. 😊

Afterwards, we went on our way to the “Walkie Talkie”, a weirdly shaped skyscraper. We ended up on the top floors, where the Sky Garden is. It is literally three floors of plants atop a skyscraper in the middle of a capital city. Totally awesome! 🌴🌱

Meee in Sky Garden 👱🌿.

My personal highlight came in the afternoon, when we went to the National Gallery.  Lara and I spent three hours in total there, looking at 2300 paintings! It was fantastic to see Turner, Rembrandt, van Eyck and so on but the best came at last: A room with Gaugin, Cézanne and van Gogh! I looooved it! 😍😍

Sunflowers. 🌻

After a lush dinner in China Town, we took the train home again and were quite tired. But that day was soo worth it! 😊

Now, I checked in online for my flight home so I can’t hide in the cupboard under the stairs and just stay in England. I will have to take the plane to arrive in Switzerland on the 26th of May at 21.10. 🚀

I hope to see you soon!

Greez, Kat ❤





A Festival, May Day and Simba

21 days left!!

Last weekend, I met up with my girls and Fenja’s friends from Germany. It was so nice to talk to them (in English of course, I can’t speak German anymore… 😯) and we had a great afternoon. We visited the Secret Garden in Canterbury, where they had a little festival going on. It was so nice and very creatively decorated. 🎪

Christiane, Lamo, Fenja, Lara, Vicky, Anna and I. 😁
And yes, we had delicious falafel balls. 🍘

This is part of the decoration they had created. They also hung old books into trees next to picture frames with flowers. 🌸

Awesome lamp shades above the river.🌹

On Monday, we had  a bank holiday because of the 1st of May which is the International Workers’ Day. Lara and I took the opportunity to take part in an organised hike. Her whole host family and many of her host relatives turned up to the 5 Church Walk. It is a hike through five villages to collect money for their churches. 🏰

The first church in Molash. 😀

The countryside was beautiful, especially the forests with carpets of blue bells. Lara’s host family is related to the actress Suki Waterhouse and so I met her mum Elizabeth. So cool! 😊

Tristan (Lara’s host dad) and his sister Elizabeth.👫

In the end, we had walked for 25 kilometers. It only rained a tiny bit but my feet didn’t get too wet thanks to the doggie bags in my shoes. Thank you, Jubla! The hike was really worth it, especially because of the great pictures. 📷

Blue bells in the forest. 🍃

On Wednesday, we went on a trip with my textiles class. We visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, one of London’s biggest museums. I was impressed with a fashion-through-the-ages  exhibition and a room full of sparkly jewellery. But the best past was the performance part, where they had costumes of ABBA, the Beatles and different musicals like Wicked and The Lion King!🐯

Simba and Nala.🐯🐯

Now, my week of exams has started. I had my first English exam this afternoon and I’ll have my Cambridge Proficiency up in London tomorrow! Next week, I’ll have one more English and two Photography exams. I’ll be glad when they’re over. 😥

About a week ago, I received an e-mail saying that my Proficiency exam was moved to the 8th of June. I quickly had to cancel this exam and look for another one. Luckily, another exam center in London had exactly one free space which I unhesitatingly applied for. I’m so glad I got the space because I would need to wait for half a year to take it in Switzerland. Puhh! 😁

I wish you all a nice time and please cross your fingers for me this Saturday.👍

Love, Kat ❤

Easter, France and another concert

Hey there! 👋
I hope you all had a great Easter and found all of the hidden bunnies. 🐇 I spent my Easter Sunday in London, where I met my Swiss friend Chiara. She is currently working as an au pair in London, so she knew exactly where to go and which tubes to take. We had a picnic in Regent’s park which was beautiful.

Chiara and me 👭.

Afterwards, we went to Notting Hill which is a cute road with many market stands. We had a look through some shops and I enjoyed spending time and catching up with Chiara. 😀


Mmmh Macadamia Latte… 🍵


The day after that, I went to Deal which is a small town near Dover. I visited a big pier and had a walk along the seafront. From the seaside of Deal, guess what I could see… 😞

France! 🗼

I got a tour through Walmer Castle from a player in my concert band called Mark and his wife Ala. 😊 It was really nice to talk to them and they knew a lot about English history. I only embarrassed myself when I talked about Victorian England when the castle was built in Tudor times… 😑

Ala and Mark.  😉

Inside the castle, I looked at some artwork and stated that it looked Swiss. I soon realised that I was looking at paintings from the Devil’s Bridge and the area around it! That coincidence! 😁🗻

This is Queen Mum’s garden with a beautiful pond. Queen Mum used to go to Walmer Castle quite often and so did the Duke of Wellington who invented Wellington’s boots. (Gummistiefel) 👢

Queen Mum’s garden in front of Walmer Castle.

I had a short week of school and on Saturday, I went out with Simmy, Anna and Vicky to have dinner in a Weatherspoon’s pub.

Vicky, Simmy, Anna 🍜🍝🍔

Afterwards, I had my second to last concert in Herne Bay. We’re having concerts nearly every month with a mostly new playlist so we’re rehearsing really quickly. Puh! We played really beautiful pieces like Hallelujah, which made Simmy cry. ❤


This story took place on Monday, during our last band practise before the concert. The first French horn player couldn’t come and neither could the second French Horn player. So I had to play first horn which I’ve never done before. I had so many solos and leading melodies that were all new for me. I just fought my way through it and at the end of the rehearsal, the conductor Paul told me to say whatever I wanted in Swiss German so all he got was “Cheibe Schissdräck!”😂

See you later alligator! 🐊

Kat ❤


Birthdays, Bikes, and being artistic

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Sheilagh,
Happy Birthday to you! 🎉🎂

On Sunday, we celebrated Sheilagh’s 62nd birthday with a big barbeque in the garden. The weather was lovely with stunning 22 degrees! 👏🌞

Hannah and birthday girl Sheilagh.  🙆🙇

As my present to Sheilagh, I painted three of her favourite animals with oil paint. She was really happy about it and showed the paintings around proudly. 🎁

Long tailed tit, squirrel, and foxy. 🐤🐹🐺

The day after that, I met up with my friend Vicky at the seaside. It was boiling hot and we bathed our toe tips in the sea. This picture of the pier is special because the sky is exactly the same blue as the water.

Wow Herne Bay pier. 💙

I spent  a day with Luna to catch up with her and to celebrate her 18th birthday. We went to Westgate Gardens in Canterbury which was really pretty and I had a great time. 😉

Luuu and I 😁

Simmy and I borrowed two bikes from Sean, a friend of John and Sheilagh’s. We went on a big trip to the beach of Margate. The whole journey went along the seaside which was beautiful. The way there was easy because it was all flat and we had the wind from the back. But on the way home, our bums started aching and we struggled a little. In the end, we had cycled for 40 kilometers!! 🚲🚲

Simmy and I when we were still motivated…😀

I spent Good Friday with my friend Ben and we watched some films and ate a traditional British easter bun called “Hot crossbun”. They have to be cut in half, toasted and covered with butter. Delicious!😍

Ben and hot crossbuns. 🐰

Since I had more than two weeks off, I had loads of time for arts. I did not only sketch pictures for school but also took part in another art competition. It was started by the Australian YouTube artist Jazza. He releases a theme for a competition every month and this time, it was “Traditigal”, a battle between traditional and digital art. I painted the traditional artist Bob Ross with acrylics on the left. On the right side, there is the digital artist Jazza who I painted digitally. 😀🎨

Bob Ross vs. Jazza.😊

This is a story about the bike tour we went on some days ago. Simmy and I were always joking about all the things that could go wrong. The only thing we didn’t think of was the chain falling out. When we had just driven past our next door neighbours, guess what happened… 😦 My chain fell out. But being an experienced bike mechanist, I could easily put it back in. Yayy!😆

I wish you all  a happy Easter! 🐓🌷

Love, Kat ❤


Holidays, T-Rex and an Archisculpture

Yayy this was the last day before the holidays! Our lesson only started at 10 o’clock so Lottie, Ben and I went for breakfast in Whitstable. The weather was quite nice so we also went for a stroll along the sea side and Lottie drove us to school (so cool!). 🚗

In the evening, my hostfamily and I went to Charlie’s Bistro in Herne Bay to have dinner. It was a birthday present to Simmy from last October. John and Sheilagh now think that I am addicted to cheese and I proved them right by having a baked Camembert as a starter (mmh delicious!). 😋

Simsim, Sheilagh and John 😁

I spent the first days of my half term visiting small galleries and having coffee with my friends. I saw an amazing piece of street art by the local artist catman.

The Queen and her corgis on a hoverboard.😂

Now that March is over, I can share a new list with you. Maybe you remember that I had 48 cups of tea in November which is quite a lot. I redid that experiment and this is all the cups of tea I had in March:


That’s 82 which makes nearly three a day!! Love it 🙂 ❤🍵


On Tuesday, Fenja redeemed her birthday voucher of going to Wingham Wildlife Park with us. It was a really nice day out with my friends and we could get so close to the animals! Stunning!

Two tigers 🐯🐯

We had to pay attention not to be eaten alive by a T-Rex. It was a moving sculpture in the dinosaur park alongside with many other moving and roaring creatures. 😦

Me, Vicky, Anna, Lara and Fenja with Rex. 🐉

Last but not least, I’m showing you an artwork I did for Photography, I’m taking part in a competition of Canterbury’s Hospital where they are looking for new photos that represent Canterbury. I made an “Archisculpture” of different cafes, restaurants and pubs in the High Street of Canterbury.🏨

My Archisculpture.


In the last few days, I helped Sheilagh and John quite a lot with planting flowers in the garden and spent my whole Sunday outside. Of course I couldn’t be bothered about sunscreen, I mean it’s only April. I guess you can see it coming, I got a slight sunburn… Kat, kat ts tss…. 😦😒

I hope you enjoy those sunny days and I wish you a good time! 🌞
Kat ❤

A wicked beauty-full concert

Look at the stunning blue sky we have here in England. Who is going to say England is a country of rain and fog? Not me for sure. Lara and I went to the Westgate Gardens when our lesson was cancelled. What a beautiful day!

Lara, I and a fat tree. 🌳

On Saturday, I had my second concert with the concert band. It was in a hall where some of my friends went to school last year so I took them all to Whitstable. They all enjoyed the evening and so did I. 😘📯

Alina, Anna, me, Ben, Lauren and Fenja 😀

The day after that, I treated myself to the cinema. My friends and I watched Beauty and the Beast which I loved! Especially because of the famous actors like Hermione, Gandalf, Olaf, Caesar Flickerman, Madame Trelawney and so on 😀

Fenja, me, Beast, Belle, Megan and Vicky 👸🐗

The following week, we had an arts trip to draw and photograph Canterbury Cathedral and the artwork around it. The cathedral was stunning! Of course we couldn’t take it all seriously and had some fun as well. 😆

A mask (and funny eyeballs) 🗿

On Wednesday, Lara, Fenja, Simmy and I all had a bad stomach ache so that we couldn’t go to school. We went to London with Sheilagh to see the musical Wicked. It was extremely impressing and I adooored the songs, like it’s time to tryyy defyyyying graaavity ❤

Sneaky forbidden picture of the cast. 😝

I asked someone to take a group picture of us and since he was a talented photographer, the picture turned out all sharp and focused (that’s ironic!).

Sheilagh, Simmy, me, Fenja and Lara. 👏

We went to Starbucks afterwards where Sheilagh and I got  renamed. 😖

Tat and Betty.

This is not a funny story at all. When we were inside the musical theatre, there was a terrorist attack at Parliament which was only some minutes by foot from us. The whole of London was in a mess and fortunately, we got out unharmed. Prayers to those who didn’t.

Kat ❤


Arts and All Stars

The last two weeks were just basic school weeks that’s why I didn’t have much to post. But I’ll catch up with you now. 😉
The Beaney is a big gallery in Canterbury. They had an exhibition of students from my school so my friends and I went to see it. I was really impressed by those young students! By the way, galleries and museums are generally for free in England. 😁

Fenja, Anna and Vicky in the gallery. Anna is wearing a beanie in the Beaney 😂.

I also did some arts myself, but only in my sketchbook instead of the gallery. I researched a painter called Georges Braque and painted a response to his work. It’s about my instruments because I’m now focusing on the theme of music. 🎶

French horn and recorder by Kat Blumli.

I need to share this picture because it looks so out of this world. Strawberries are apparently in season now. Not in England, but somewhere for sure. 😂

Millie wants some strawberries. 🍓🐱

On Sunday, I went to church with Fenja. It was Saint Martin’s church in Herne where our bus goes past every day. It belongs to Church of England, which is a protestant religion. I still recognised many prayers from my church. It was really family-like and we were invited for a cup of tea afterwards. Nice!

The church. 💒

When we walked home from the service, we came past an enormous cemetery. It was part forest, part grassland which made it a really pretty place.

Daffodils (I think so) and Fenja 🌻🙆.

In the evening, I was picked up by a taxi (First time ever in a taxi). I went to a concert in the Winter Gardens in Margate where the All Stars played. They are a concert band of former Royal Marines. I was invited to that concert by Marc from my concert band and I went there with his mum Patricia and his wife Alla.

Marc, his mum and me. 😊

The concert was absolutely stunning! The players only revised together that afternoon and played some pieces for the first time at the concert. I was especially impressed by the solo horn player Frank Lloyd (he is well known) who has a professorship in music and plays unbelievably!! 📯

The All Stars and Frank Lloyd 👌

This is about me struggling with pronouncing two names at the same time. When I tried to talk about Ross and Nicky, I said “Noss and Ricky”, Hannah and Andy are “Handy and Anna” and my host parents are now called “Shon and Jeilagh”. 😂

Lots of love,

Bat Klumli ❤

The X-factor and pancake day

Last Saturday, I went to London with Simmy and Luna to the O2 which is a huge arena. We listened to a concert of the X-factor finalists. It was unbelievable!! This was us before the show:

Luu, Simmy and me 😁

They had eight different contestants singing and they all put on a great show! The cutest song was when Emily and Ryan (who became a couple on the X-factor) sang a love song together. Soo beautiful! 👌

Emily and Ryan hugging after their performance. ❤

I was impatiently waiting for Matt Terry to come on stage because his voice is unearthly! And finally, as one of the last acts, he came on stage. He sang his single “When Christmas Comes Around” which was quite funny because we’re nowhere near December yet. 😁

Matt Terry performing on the big stage. ❤

After the show, we quickly took the train home again. Soon afterwards, Bernie (in the left corner) picked me up for the Concert Band’s Annual Dinner. I ate deliciously and had great company.

This is about half of our band. 📯🎷🎺

On Tuesday, it was official international pancake day so of course we had to make pancakes. British pancakes are not as thick as American ones, they are more like crêpes. Lush!

Me, my pancake and Sheilagh rubbing her belly. 😁

I’ve got to make an announcement: The day of my departure from England. I have to leave my home on the first Friday after my last exam. That is the 26th of May. I wish I could stay a little longer because time flies over here, But I’m also looking forward to seeing you all again in three months.

Lots of love,

Kat ❤